Updos for Short Hair

Don’t you dare believe that just because you’ve got short hair, you don’t have any prospect of wearing an updo? There are updos for short hair that are as glamorous and mind-blowing as updos for long hair and are great for casual day wear as much as for more formal occasions. These updos for short hair can be created by either curling, braiding and twisting and with the use of hair styling products

The kind of updos for short hair will depend on the length of the hair. It will be easier to create updos If your hair is at least 3 inches in length such as a short bob or a short shag. Updos for pixies or short crop hair are best designed with spikes or with a sleek and slick look. Hair extensions are also a great help in creating updos for short hair. Hair pieces or hair extension can be attached to a short ponytail to create buns and other elegant updos.
Grips, barrettes, hair clips are also great for creating updos for short hair. Curled short hair is gripped down with plenty of grips at the back of the head to design a curly updo that’s very appealing. A quiff in front with the rest of the hair slicked back with gel is another gorgeous updo style for short hair.

Updos for short hair focus more on the texture and volume of the hair rather than its length. Short hair is also made to appear thicker by crimping or curling the hair or make it look longer with the use of hair extensions or hair pieces. Jessica Alba is one celebrity style icon that can rock an updo for short hair that such pizzazz. Copy her style by curling your hair with a curling iron with a large barrel then brush away the hair from the face and spray it with a medium hold spray. Clip the curls at the nape of the neck using a jeweled barrette, and then you’re ready for the big night such as a prom or for a big day such as your wedding.

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