Short Textured Bob Hairstyle Idea

An easy way to update your short bob hairstyle in 2019 is to add texture to it. The contemporary cutting and styling techniques, as well as the appropriate hair product, make it very easy and simple to achieve a texture that will instantly give you a new and fabulous look. A short textured bob haircut is a very modern and appealing hairstyle that flatters almost all face shapes. It also works as a means to give thin hair a little volume or to reduce the bulk of thick hair depending on the cutting technique applied to it.

Creating a short textured bob for fine hair that is naturally wavy can be done by cutting the hair all around the head in various layers to give it movement and shape. The style you are aiming for is a short textured bob that is somewhat messy or tousled for a sassy sexy look. A great example of this short textured bob is Jessica Alba’s hairstyle. Jessica, according to her hair stylist has natural waves that were let loose by the cutting technique applied to the hair. The sexy tousled short textured bob of Jessica Alba has long bangs swept to both sides of her forehead creating a peek-a-boo effect that emphasizes her lovely features and highlighted her very expressive eyes. This is an ideal hairstyle for oval, round, triangular and round face shapes.

The concave bob or a stacked bob made popular by Victoria Beckham that has earned the name the “Posh” hairstyle is another example of a short textured bob. The back section of the “Posh” is heavily chopped and graduates to the top and front with longer ends. The look created is a very textured and asymmetrical finish that beautifully blends. The side and the front section of this short textured bob is given a side part with the section swept to one side given a longer length that almost sweeps down the chin, emphasizing the asymmetry of the haircut. The textured finish gives this hairstyle volume that will work perfectly for thin hair.

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