Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Transforming Your Looks

Bangs or fringes have always been the solution for someone who wishes to dramatically change the way she looks. There is a world of difference in comparing looks with and without bangs added to one’s hairstyle. Bangs are extremely flexible and versatile and they go well with long as well as short hairstyles. If you are looking for something that is low-maintenance and chic then short hairstyles with bangs is definitely a good choice.

Different kinds of bangs for short hairstyles

Short hairstyles with bangs can be acquired with all kinds of bangs – they can be straight, parted, side-swept, wispy, blunt or even wavy. For straight bangs, simply comb the bangs straight down and let them rest slightly above your eyebrows. To get side swept bangs you can use a bit of hair product to hold the bangs swept to one side in a sleek manner. Likewise, to feel vivacious curl your bangs or make them wavy and let them sweep over your forehead for the wavy look.

Bangs for your face shape

You can enhance your facial features by selecting the right kind of short hairstyles with bangs. A face with prominent features like a sharp chin or a large forehead calls for straight bangs to cover up the flaws and to soften them. For those with round faces, side swept bangs are recommended. Women with heart shaped faces can also opt for side swept bangs to complement their face shape.

Products to care for and to style your short haircut

Sporting short hairstyles with bangs is a great feeling because it offers the flexibility to switch up one’s hairstyle very easily. Some of the products that are required to achieve different looks are blow dryer, round brush, styling gel, mousse and hairspray.

Since puffy bangs are slightly out of vogue, therefore if you have these naturally then you can use a blow dryer combined with a round brush and blow hot hair in a downwards motion from the roots to the tips. Afterwards, apply hair wax to set the bangs. For a dramatic makeover, you can use a straightening iron to straighten your hair, including the bangs and the consequence is a sleek pixie-like look.

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