Short and Wavy Hairstyles Ideas

Short wavy hairstyles are some of the hairstyles that are easy to create style and maintain. In addition, short wavy hairstyles are also super gorgeous, making them one of the most popular hairstyles in these times. Short wavy hairstyles are very feminine and soft looking hairstyles that look great on nearly all face shapes. The face-framing waves on short wavy hairstyles give the face a very gamine yet romantic vibe that some of the most glamorous and beautiful Hollywood icons have made these hairstyles their very own signature hairstyle. Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, Evan Rachel Wood, Milla Jovovich and Katherine Heigl are only a few of the fabulous celebrities that have rocked short wavy hairstyles at one time in their careers.

These very trendy short wavy hairstyles are easy to create. Even if your hair does not have a natural wave or curl, the use of hair curling tools and products will help create amazing short wavy hairstyles. Creating sassy short wavy hairstyles on straight hair is the quickest way to change a look and a great hairstyle for more formal occasions.

Two of the Trendiest Short Wavy Hairstyles for the Season

Wavy Crop

Classic example of a wavy crop is Halle Berry’s iconic short wavy hairstyle. Her naturally curly hair is cut very short on the sides and back with longer curly strands on top that also serve as crop bangs. Halle Berry have been known to wear all sorts of hairstyle from short, medium to long, but she is most photographed in her short wavy hairstyle styled in so many ways, attesting to the versatility of the hairstyle. She wears it with edgy spikes or smooth soft curls on top, or with pretty curls all over the head, styles that are very flattering to Halle Berry’s gorgeous face.

Wavy Short Bob

Two of the most typical wavy short bob is Milla Jovovich’s and Charlize Theron’s among others. This short wavy hairstyle is full of texture and volume and as versatile as the wavy crop. It is either paired with bangs or simply given a center or side part, depending on what suits a particular face shape. This is the perfect short wavy hairstyle for women with curly hair who can’t bring herself to have her straightened.

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