Messy but Perfect and Cute Short Curly Hairstyles

Something that might appear ruffled and unruly to an onlooker but is considered as perfect by lady in question is indeed none other than a haircut which is short and full of curls. Irrespective of whether a woman wishes to look cute, trendy, classic or vivacious, short curly hairstyles have been her best friend since ages and also one which demands a lot of attention in terms of caring.

How to curl short hair

Many women are blessed with natural curls but for those who are not as lucky there are many methods which can be employed for acquiring this style. The two most commonly used implements in this regard are flat iron and curlers and while in case of the former, a half-inch plate suffices for the job, the latter needs more judicious handling. With curlers results are best obtained when the hair is wet, rolling them in position before going to bed or alternatively blow drying. Depending on whether the curls should be tight or loose, the barrel needs to be adjusted – a smaller diameter in case of tight curls and vice versa.

Managing and maintaining curls

Because short curly hairstyles look different, they need to be managed differently and not just for the sake of appearance but quality as well. If this haircut is to make an impact for which it is intended, then it needs to be handled with plenty of care and understanding. One of the foremost needs of curly hair is moisture and since it is deprived of most of the natural oils of the scalp due to its structure it is susceptible to frizz if not oiled regularly.

Eating a well balanced and wholesome diet is one of the most cost-effective and time-tested ways of maintaining curls and enjoying them to the fullest.

Various types

There are various types of short curly hairstyles and making up your mind as to whether you should settle for simple, wavy or one having jagged ends should be bearing in mind the face shape. Some elegant options are lifted curls, messy curls as sported by many Hollywood divas or subdued curls held back with a hair-band.

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