How to Acquire Short Wavy Hairstyles

Because sleek and short hairstyle can be boring and high-maintenance at times, why not switch to short wavy hairstyles instead? In fact, while with the sleek and poker straight hairstyle, one has to ensure that it remains in place throughout the day otherwise it would look messy, with wavy hairstyles you don’t have to worry because it blends in with the look. In fact, the ‘bed-head’ kind of look works great with this hairdo.

Tip: In order to easily and comfortably choose a new style, use a makeup dresser and don’t forget light up mirror for makeup

How to achieve the look

Whether you choose to have the bangs with your short hair or not is completely up to you as short wavy hairstyles look great with or without bangs. People with naturally wavy hair need just shorten their hair to wear this form of short hairstyle but for those who have straight hair, it is advisable to use a half-inch straightening device for the purpose of creating loose waves. Add a small dollop of hair product for holding the loose waves and also for shine.

Going for layers with this hairstyle

Short wavy hairstyles and layers go hand in hand. If your hair is short and you have layers then you only need some styling product for the purpose of scrunching your hair to create loose waves. Make sure you use a product that has a great hold. Once you are done, just fix your hair with your fingers in order to give your hairstyle that casual finish.

Drawing inspiration

A lot of celebrities have short wavy hairstyles and that you need to do is to look up their pictures for inspiration or show them to a stylist to get a cut that emulates your idol or celebrity. After you get the haircut, you will have a good ‘canvas’ or ‘base’ to work on and at the same time look trendy as well.

You can create cute waves with the help of texture balm – just take a little bit of this product on your fingers and work it into the strands. Alternatively, you can also flip your hair upside down and then use a spray gel and scrunching lotion for the purpose of acquiring waves.

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