Hair Color Trends

One great way to change your look is with hair color. Hair color that matches your skin tone and eye color will give you a fabulous makeover that will be the envy of everyone. A perfect hair color should enhance your natural hair color; accentuate your beautiful facial features and lovely complexion. Fortunately, there are a wide array of hair colors or dyes to choose from that will flatter any skin tone and at the same time make you trendy and fashionable.

Here are the Trendiest Hair Colors

Red Hair

Red hair is an unqualified trend for 2019. For women with freckled complexion, red hair is the perfect hair color for a most adorable look. There is a wide palette of red hair dyes available, from burgundy to bright red that you can have either as highlights or an overall hair color. Be careful though with very bright red hair since it will call attention to the imperfections of the face.

Blonde Hair

Blonde is another hair color trend for 2019 that will be really very popular. Golden, light and dark ash, platinum or honey blonde hair all imparts a certain zest which boosts sex appeal. Any blonde shade that you choose will make you super trendy and very alluring.

Brown Hair

Brown hair suits almost all skin tones, making it a very popular and trendy hair color for 2019. There are also a wide selection of brown hair dyes available, from caramel, auburn, chestnut, coffee, taffy, light, medium and dark ash brown and light, medium and dark chocolate brown. Choose the right brown shade that suits your skin tone.

Black Hair

Black hair is an enduring hair color trend; it is as popular now as ever. In 2019, black hair color will be the best alternative for women with either a pale or tanned complexion. This trendy hair color however is not for everyone.

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