Cute Japanese Bob Haircut

Here are some pictures of cute Japanese bob hairstyle, if you are looking for a new trendy short bob haircut, why not consider this cute bob haircut? A great short hairstyle for Asian girls.

This is a good short haircut for small faces, great for oval, square, round face shapes.

Karl style is excellent in effect small face wound. Glossy silk beige color. He makes a pretty sure you’ll have soft fluffy curls of the hair. Who has a habit of hair repair, hair repair afloat is the natural finish to the hair with Wankaru.

Can not reproduce a similar style salon at home most often a problem for customers that visit to the hairdresser from past to present. . . Worries and troubles such as damage of hair color can be improved if you go to a beauty salon, listen to the problem within a hairstyle does not work 100% 1-2 months away from the hands of us back home , and who made possible the habit of combining the various techniques that I put the hair in the middle Straightening perm is a technology-base. This made it possible to make your own style of hand-blown so to make the shape of the hair – from the base. Of course, the way of the blow, Please leave me any use of the facility.
It is now happy to get a speaking style that is the age of natural beauty salon. You’re always beautiful hairstyles, professional and I would work I think is to cute. 1 year, I want to be a beautiful hairstyle is always 365-await us afloat until Chono f.

Your smile is my happiness. Through my hair, you always “happy” and hope that is. Beauty and the technology required for high, high hair knowledge and knowledge of drugs, we Wa superior technology, compassionate counseling, the highest seasonal trends, high reproducibility, we seek a professional at all. “Trouble” “hope,” “ideal” for example, let’s grant your thoughts with me.

“Silhouette think Chono beauty afloat”
There are a variety of hairstyles, hair What type fit my face? ? Eliminate the question. Round face, surface length, base, we will propose a style best suited for surface length. Tips to find a hairstyle and face shape has become the? Aim for a balanced look that is a shortcut to the diamond.

Round face

It is important to know the show is well-balanced silhouette round face.
* The soft feel top
According to the cheeks and the hair around the face *
* Bangs balance

Reverse triangular face

Single edged knife or have a narrow jaw tight bee
Cover type and volume around the face in the face.
* Out the volume from the top, Tsubushimasu bees.
* Create a volume around the ear next to aim a silhouette shape.
* Bangs a longer face shape correction made to wear my hair in the center part cheeks.

Face Base

The base type spreads easily visible beside tight around the cheeks,
Seek out the height of the silhouette of the top diamond.
To issue a very narrow width of the forehead * bangs.
* Facial hair around the building will cover the length will be applied to the cheek or curl.
* The top issues a soft volume.

Face surface length

The surface length would be the length of the vertical side faces out the volume,
It is recommended that soft fluffy style.
The top volume so there is less vertical height * is to get rid of.
Not make too long bangs * Fold in the short bangs.
* It is important when making long wait position.
Place your ear next to the cheek and wait *. Diamond-shaped silhouette, outline covers.

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