Choppy Hairstyles: Which Short Choppy Hairstyles Are Truly Trendy?

When words like punk and grunge are used, they invariably refer to short choppy hairstyles and yet in spite of such an image, many women tend to feel that this kind of haircut is just the one which they have been in search of all along.

Having decided to get a choppy haircut, the first step entails choosing a style which would suit your face just right. Secondly, in this case, the term ‘short’ could stand for a variety of lengths and while for one style it might just an inch or two long, for others it could mean long enough to be tied into a ponytail. However, a standard requisite irrespective of the type of hairdo is regular maintenance featuring frequent straightening or curling.

What is a short chop?

A short chop, unlike other short choppy hairstyles, is the least choppy as it is only the back of the head which wears the chopped look while the front is well defined with a parting. In its usual version, there are not many layers or sections but there is a defined variation of this style wherein every individual layer can be individually made out and there are bangs in front for lining the forehead.

Wild and messy chop

Although deliberately styled as wild and messy, this hairdo can be customized to suit individual tastes and can also be adjusted according to different face shapes as well. Characterized by several graduated layers and bangs hanging over the forehead, this is one of the short choppy hairstyles which rely on a lot of volume being added to the hair so as to bring about its full flair and beauty. While it is a perfect option for women who wish to make a statement, others with more sober preferences can go for a look which is not as wild.

Celebrity style

Mostly sported by well known Hollywood icons, this front parted hairdo consists of well defined choppy layers and has a timeless fell about it which is why it has been around for decades. Contrary to the popular opinion that short choppy hairstyles are meant only for youngsters, this haircut has been found to be most compatible for women over 40 and has been known to suit a variety of face shapes.

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