Bob Hairstyles: Some of the All-Time-Favorite Short Bob Haircuts

As the world has progressed through centuries and tumbled on to the contemporary era, there are but just a few things from the past which have endured till today and short bob hairstyles are one of them. Such has been the fascination of people towards this dramatic queen that her name is cited as an epitome in royalty and since a lot of her aura is attributed to her hairdo, women have often been found experimenting with it.

Check This Different Bob Hairstyles

The Cleopatra bob hairstyles

Since it is meant as an ode to the great queen, in order to accomplish this hairstyle, the ends of the hair are cut straight and sharp as opposed to being layered and the length should fall in between shoulders and chin. While it is accompanied by long bangs which are meant to touch the eyebrows, from behind a certain amount of deviation from strict tradition is permitted in form of spiky and jagged ends to achieve a gothic look. Amongst the various short bob hairstyles, this option is perfect for slim women with straight hair as it tends to highlight their sharp facial features.

Teased bob hairstyles

To achieve a teased bob, the hair should lie in between scalp and chin and then teased with the help of gel or hair spray so that not only do the strands move away from scalp but it adds to the volume as well. Using prominent highlights is the name of the game in this hairdo and while pink and purple are common show stealers, a shade which is slightly lighter or darker than your hair color can also make a lot of difference.

Layering and curling bob hairstyles

Who says the layered bob hairstyles cannot be manipulated? By keeping the length a little on the longer side, layers can be added to achieve a chic look or the ends can be curled in one particular direction if daring is the statement to be conveyed.

Undoubtedly there are people who like to spend a lot of time looking after their hair and fixing it into place but for exceptions who lack time as also patience for the task, curly bob hairstyles are ideal. Apart from being able to retain the same look for months on end, all this haircut needs is a dryer and a round brush for maintenance.

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