In this guide we explain how to choose the best rotating brush

In this guide we explain how to choose the best rotating brush

The rotating brush, also known as the airbrush, is an accessory designed to offer the possibility of simultaneously drying and styling the hair. Generally, a rotating brush is used on wet hair just after shampooing, however, it offers the added advantage of being able to be used also on dry hair, so that you can quickly renew the style or modify the hairstyle.

Usually, once shampooed, a normal round brush is used to style the hair in combination with the classic hairdryer. By passing the brush along the entire length of the hair, divided into strands, at the same time as the jet of hot air, it is possible to straighten it and make it smooth or model it according to your personal preferences.

In practice, the rotating brush performs the same function as the hair dryer and brush used in combination, with the great advantage of combining the two accessories in a single device. With this system it is possible to significantly speed up the work of drying and folding the hair, moreover the air brush is very simple and easy to use even for those who have little experience and find it difficult to handle the hairdryer and brush simultaneously.

How to choose the rotating brush

Since this is a device that, like a hairdryer, emits a jet of hot air, it is important to take into consideration the power of the motor of a rotating brush, since higher wattage corresponds to higher performance. However, the small size of the device does not provide particularly powerful motors, usually the wattage of these instruments is between 500 or 600 W and 1000 W.
The choice is also influenced by the frequency of use. If you plan to use the brush every day, perhaps even by several people, it is advisable to choose a model with a power greater than 900 W. If only one person uses the rotating brush, a power of about 700 W may be sufficient, but in the case of very long hair or frequent use, it is however necessary to resort to a higher power.

The accessories of an air brush are very important, as they allow more creativity in creating the hair style. Virtually all models allow you to replace the basic brush with another of a different diameter or with a different accessory, a richer equipment corresponds to greater versatility of the instrument.
However, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the quality of the brushes, considering that the high-end models have brushes equipped with natural bristles, able to make the hair soft and shiny, untangling the knots delicately.
In addition to three brushes of different diameters, the package usually includes an air concentrator, which allows the hair to dry more quickly, a flat brush to make the hair more voluminous and a curling iron, to create waves and defined curls.
The presence of a series of brushes of different diameters is especially useful if the appliance is used by several people with different needs, since the choice of brush size is related to the length of the hair. With medium-length hair, a brush with a diameter of three or four centimeters is sufficient, while on very long hair it is advisable to use an accessory with a larger diameter.

In choosing an air brush, the presence of one or more characteristics that protect the hair from the risk of dehydration is perhaps among the most important requirements. The heat of the air emitted by the appliance, in fact, over time could dry out the hair and make it dull and brittle. To avoid this problem, the rotating brushes can be equipped with some particular elements, usually it is a ceramic coating, as is also the case with hair straighteners, ideal for keeping the temperature uniform and constant and to facilitate the sliding of the brush on the hair.
Tourmaline can be used as an alternative to ceramics, sometimes special substances such as argan oil or keratin are also added, which help keep the hair hydrated.
The ionizer, which some brushes have, is a device capable of generating negative ions, which result in faster drying of the hair and avoid both frizz and static phenomena.
It is recommended to purchase an air brush equipped with one of these protection systems, especially if you plan to use it frequently and especially for those with dry, thin or brittle hair.

Handling and ease of use are also very important, especially for those who frequently use the rotating brush, it must be comfortable to handle, with simple and intuitive functions.
In the higher-end models the brush rotates automatically, sometimes with the possibility of setting its speed. Even the temperature in some versions can be selected as desired between different degrees of heat.
On the market there are fixed or rotating air brushes, obviously the rotating brush allows greater freedom of movement and speed in making the fold. Usually, to start the brush rotation it is necessary to press a special button.
Some more sophisticated models allow you to choose the direction of rotation and to set both the desired speed, the degree of heat and the intensity of the air jet. Not all of these functions are necessary, the choice of a higher performance air brush refers above all to very frequent use, to the most complex styling needs and to the need to have a tool that allows greater speed.

The diameter of the rotating cylinder must also be considered. The rotating brushes are available in different sizes. The choice must be made based on the volume of hair you want to achieve. The larger the diameter of the brush, the more volume you can get. It is also important to choose the rotating brush based on the length of the hair. In fact, those with smaller dimensions are more suitable for short hair while the larger ones are intended for those with long hair. Large brushes also work best for straightening curly or particularly wavy hair.

Regarding the design, it is recommended to choose a rotating brush with a compact shape, with a sufficiently long power cable and with a hook ring to fix it, for example, to the bathroom wall, next to the mirror.
If the intention is to carry the brush on business trips or to the gym to always have your hair in order, it is preferable to buy a small and compact model, which can be easily stored in a bag or trolley. By choosing this accessory you will avoid the weight and discomfort caused by carrying brushes and hair dryers.

As for the price, this ranges from 20 euros for cheap rotating brushes to around 100 euros for professional rotating brushes. The difference is due to the different power and the presence or absence of advanced features. In addition, the more expensive products are sold with a greater number of accessories. Among the main brands that produce rotating brushes we mention Babyliss, Braun, Imetec Bellissima, Remington and Rowenta.

How to use the rotating brush

Regardless of your styling needs and preferences, some simple precautions should be observed when using the air brush. First of all, it is advisable to separate the hair into sections, to be treated one by one to obtain a more accurate and precise result.

The brush must run over each lock along the entire length, from the root of the hair to the tip, repeating the operation, if necessary, twice. A last pass with cold air allows you to fix the fold longer.

To obtain the best result, it is recommended to use a brush with a diameter suitable for the length of the hair, with a medium-length hair a brush with a diameter of three to four centimeters is sufficient, while on very long hair it is advisable to choose a brush with a diameter higher.

Whatever your model of rotating brush is, it is very important to keep the appliance perfectly clean, in order to guarantee its long life. After each use, it is necessary to wait for it to cool completely, and then completely clean the brush from the presence of hair. It is therefore advisable to store it in a dry place, even better in a case, especially if you plan to take it with you to the gym, in order to protect it from humidity.

When to Use the Rolling Brush

The air brush, as we have seen, completely replaces the hairdryer and the brush, allowing greater freedom of movement. However, it can also be indicated for a quick and daily styling before leaving home, perfect for those with hair that tends to curl or, on the contrary, thin, straight and lacking in volume.

Thanks to its small size, this accessory can be easily carried inside the bag or trolley, and is ideal for those who want to quickly get back in order after sport or during a business trip, avoiding the need to equip themselves with hair dryers, brushes plate.

As we have seen, the first advantage guaranteed by a rotating brush is practicality, since with a single tool it is possible to perform two operations, hair drying and accurate styling. All this in an extremely short time, in fact, using this accessory, even with thick and long hair, the time required for styling is reduced to less than ten minutes.

The rotating brush is lighter and more compact than a hairdryer and allows you to easily manage even less docile hair. Thanks to its lightweight and small footprint, it can be transported anywhere, solving every styling need, to be always in order in any situation.

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